Our best video yet: Zoey reads along with Uncle Mark

Zoey's bedtime story gibberish

As Mark was going through his computer looking for old photos he came across this video from 2010. We had our great nieces Nadine and Zoey over for the weekend. As you can see Nadine couldn’t last much longer. I bet she heard the first time uncle Mark read Nils All Alone but then fell … Read more

January update: Lymph node biopsy came back benign

Amy and Mark drive to Kenosha

Christmas was great with the both families, I am just glad to be back to a normal routine. All the holiday eating had put me into a tailspin. I’m sure I’m not alone. I feel like I have wrangled in my bad habits and have actually been able to lose 7 pounds since December. I … Read more

December update

Christmas lights on a house in Hunter's Ridge, Kenosha, Wisconsin

It’s been a while since I have checked in. I always think that I don’t have much to report on. Now that my cancer treatments are finished, things naturally have calmed down. We had a pretty uneventful Halloween. The weather was wicked with high winds and the first flakes of snow. We took a ride down … Read more

More activities as cancer treatments drift into past

President Bill Clinton with Amy Czerniec at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 24, 2014

While putting the video together for this blog post, I was really surprised to see just how much we have been doing lately. A year ago we were just starting out with our weekly visits for treatments and doctors appointments. It’s hard to believe that that is all behind us. I feel like things are … Read more

Cancer treatments done, now what?

Cut flowers in a vase in the kitchen window

I didn’t know what to expect when I got done with the chemo, surgery and radiation. I was hoping to get back to normal. For the most part I guess we have. We’ve been able to get together with family for birthday celebrations and going away parties and festivals. After taking a year off, I … Read more

Breast cancer: 12 months in 12 minutes

Breast cancer: 12 months in 12 minutes

Today marks one year since being diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember it was a very nice day much like today. It was kind of hard to enjoy because we knew the call could come, but as the day went on I didn’t think it was going to happen. The call came around 3:45 p.m. … Read more

Breast expanders vs. radiation burns: 3rd surgery

Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival, Waterford, Wisconsin

I had been told by so many people how easy the radiation portion of treatment would be. I have to say, yes —  the immediate side effects are not too bad, the skin getting burned over time and a little fatigue. However, I didn’t know what the effects were going to be weeks after radiation. … Read more

Radiation therapy home stretch

Tie-dye T-shirts at northern Wisconsin log home

It’s just about 11 months since my breast cancer diagnosis (8/14/13 3:45 p.m.), and I’m coming into the home stretch on my treatments. I feel fortunate that I haven’t had too many terrible side effects along the way. I just now — after 27 treatments of radiation therapy — am having some uncomfortable itching episodes … Read more

Radiation therapy, First Fridays, Marc Maron

Marc Maron with Sharon and Amy, Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago

I have 17 of my 30 radiation therapy treatments done. So far things haven’t been too bad. I have just the slightest little bit of pinkness starting on my skin. During radiation therapy, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. As soon as each treatment is done, I apply cream to the radiated area. One … Read more

Getting ready for radiation therapy

Amy juices a lime with Emma in the kitchen

We were fortunate to have great weather for Easter. I loved being with both our families on that day. It’s always fun to watch the kids find the Easter eggs that the adults hide for them. This year at my mother-in-law’s house, Mark and our brother-in-law Kevin were in charge of hiding the eggs. I … Read more

Antibiotics for staph infection: Life with my PICC line

Construction crane at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s been two weeks since my emergency surgery and things seem to be going along okay. I have learned to live with this PICC line and IV pump attached to me pretty much 24/7. Mark has become quite the expert on changing out the medicine bag each day. So in addition to him helping me … Read more

Home again with PICC line, IV pump

Amy in the kitchen with Moog 6000 CMS infusion pump

It’s great to be home again. Mark brought me back from the hospital on Tuesday, and as each day goes by I am doing better and better. We had a nurse coming to the house the first two days to show us how to set up and run my IV infusion pump. We have been … Read more

Staph infection (or how I spent my weekend)

Amy, hospitalized with a staph infection

I am writing this blog post from my hospital bed with a staph infection. When we went to bed on Thursday, I had just noticed  a light pink blush color on the lower half of my left breast, below my mastectomy incision. After waking and taking my shower Friday morning, Mark said it looked like it … Read more

Three weeks since mastectomy

New Fox and Hounds Restaurant and Tavern, Hubertus, Wisconsin

It’s been three weeks since my bilateral mastectomy and things move along better each day. I still have problems reaching for things really high up in the cabinets or bending down to pick things up from the floor. My mother in law lent me her grabber, and it’s really come in handy with a few … Read more

A week since my mastectomy

Amy with Jackson-Pratt drains after a double mastectomy

I can’t believe it’s already a week since my double mastectomy. I feel so good to have it behind me and that I am on my way to recovery. Never having been in the hospital before I think I hit the jackpot in terms of outstanding care and fabulous accommodations at Froedtert. The nursing staff … Read more

After chemotherapy, before mastectomy

Preparing for mastectomy: Amy learns how to handle Jackson-Pratt drains

It’s been four weeks since my last chemotherapy treatment and boy does it feel GREAT!!! For the most part I am getting back to feeling normal. My tastebuds seem to be back and the sensitivity in my nails has pretty much gone away. I have been taking the opportunity to get out on my own … Read more

Last chemo treatments

Chemo side effects: Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes

It feels good to know that I have completed my last chemo treatments. We are now moving forward to me having my double mastectomy in a month. For the most part I still have been feeling pretty good. The only side effect that has been getting a little worse is the tingling in my fingertips. … Read more